The Thomas Telford Corpach Marina project has been in development for more than two years and is presently at the Marine Scotland License application stage.  The latest layout is for a fully sheltered, all-weather 50-60 berth marina and public slipway with a reduced size car-park for marina users. The design of the project also includes the rejuvenation of the existing Scottish Canal buildings which will create new offices for Scottish Canal staff; a new reception and cafe/shop; new public toilets and showers. full design specifications of the entire plan is available on the The Highland Council website under planning application. Since the actual marina is not part of the land planning application, this will be considered in our application for a Marine Scotland licence. The current layout can be seen below. Paper versions of these plans are available to see in Kilmallie Community Centre.

The image below shows the marina in situ on Loch Linnhe and the access to it from the car-park. The renovations to the existing Scottish Canal buildings are shown in the image too, and then in more detail on the image below the marina.

corpach marina proposed layout

The proposed marina layout with public slipway, carpark and renovations around the Scottish Canals buildings.
NOTE: It is not intended for vessels to make use of the pontoons nearest the shore. The two vessel icons on the outside of the breakwater are to show the location of fuelling point and pump-out station. You can click on the image above to view a larger version.

This marina layout shows berths for up to 40 keeled yachts plus a handful of small day boats which can float in very shallow water. The breakwaters will have stainless steel handrails along the middle of the 4m widths with regular lighting, power and freshwater points along their lengths. The larger of the two breakwaters shows two yachts where the re-fuelling and sewage pump-out station will be located.

The gangway has been designed with accessibility in mind and conforms to a maximum gradient of 12:1 for non-restricted access.

The 40m concrete slipway will provide sheltered access into the water during 97% of the time – extreme Spring Tides will cause the slipway to dry out 30 mins either side of LWMS.

The proposed alterations to the existing Scottish Canals buildings at the sea-lock